Child Support

Providing properly for your children is both morally and legally correct. However, it is also only fair that you pay or receive the appropriate amount of support required under the law. The central Pennsylvania child support attorneys of Howett, Kissinger & Holst can help you make certain that the appropriate amount of support is provided to your children.

Child Support Guidelines & Income

Pennsylvania child support is set by guidelines that all courts must follow. As a result, once you determine your income, it is theoretically easy to establish how much support you should pay or receive. However, in many cases, identifying net income can be quite difficult.┬áIf you are a business owner, work in a field where you do not have a straightforward salary, or have other sources of income, it is important that you have an attorney who is well-versed in properly identifying income for child support purposes. The attorneys at Howett, Kissinger & Holst are extremely familiar with handling complex divorce and support cases, and are able to assist you in making certain that your or your spouse’s income is appropriately identified.

Child Support Modification

It is also important to remember that child support can be modified based on changing circumstances. Therefore, even if you have already obtained a divorce decree and a child support ruling, obtaining our assistance to make certain that your agreement remains appropriate can be quite helpful in protecting your assets or helping you receive the appropriate amount of support for your children.

Whether you have just begun a divorce, are planning on a divorce, or have already completed a divorce, feel free to contact us to see how we can assist you with your child support issues.